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Matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Small Sided Football as laid down by the Football Association.

The Cheshire Football Association shall sanction the Competition. The Competition, all Clubs and players; and other persons, shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of that Association.

Affiliation of participating clubs

All Clubs must be affiliated to Cheshire County Association.

1. Registration and fees

Application by clubs for admission to the League will only be open to teams invited by the Management Committee. The Management Committee reserves the Right to refuse application of any Club at any time.

(a) The Competition shall be open to males of sixteen years old and over.
(b) The entry fee (if applicable) must be paid on or before the 1st match day of the Season.
(c) Before the commencement of the Competition all Clubs shall submit a list of players eligible to participate on the appropriate Registration Form to the Management Committee.
Each squad list must consist of a minimum of 8 players and maximum of 15.
(d) All players shall be bona fide members of their Club, and may only play for one Club unless given permission to transfer by the Management Committee.
(e) Rules, Terms & Conditions of the Soccer7s Leagues are to be made available to players by their Team Captains. It is the Team Captains’ responsibility to ensure all players have read, understood and agree with the Rules, Terms & Conditions.
(f) Teams and players must have conformed to all Registration duties before being allowed to enter the League.

2. Management Committee and Powers.

(a) A Management Committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall organise the Competition.
(b) The Management Committee shall have the power to apply, act upon and enforce the Rules of the Competition. They shall also have the jurisdiction over all matters affecting the Competition, including any not provided for by these Rules.
(c) The Management Committee shall also adjudicate in all cases of dispute, protest and complaint.
(d) The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will receive Honorariums as set up by the Management Committee each year. The Auditor may also receive a fee.
(e) The Management Committee shall meet monthly unless the Secretary has notified the Committee members of no business and they agree no meeting needs to be held. A meeting will then take place the following month and shall deal with business as it arises.
(f) Except where otherwise mentioned all communications shall be addressed to the Secretary who shall conduct the correspondence of the League and keep a record of its proceedings no communication by telephone or verbally will be accepted unless followed in writing within 48 hours of contacting the Secretary, if not followed up this will then be classed as frivolous and action deemed fit will be taken by the Management Committee

3. Knowledge of Rules

All participating Clubs' Captains will sign to say they have read, understood the Competition's Rules, Terms & Conditions and agree they are binding on their respective Clubs. Captains agree it is their responsibility to make all their players aware of the Competition's Rules, Terms & Conditions and understand all their players' are to abide by the Competition's Rules, Terms & Conditions.

4. Team colours

(a) Players shall be dressed in uniform shirts, but the goalkeepers shall wear colours that distinguish them from other players and the Referee. The goalkeepers may wear tracksuit bottoms, however outfield players must wear shorts.
(b) Teams with clashing strips will be issued with bibs.
(c) Teams must not wear black strips.

5. Arrangement of the Competition

(a) The Competition shall be played on a league basis with the clubs divided by the Management Committee into separate Leagues:
(b) All matches in Macclesfield are to be held on astro-turf at Fallibroome High School. All matches in Congleton are to be held on astro-turf at Congleton High School.
(c) Each Club shall play each other Club in its League at least once. Three points will be awarded for a win, and one point for a draw.
(d) In the event of two or more Clubs being equal on points the club with the best goal difference shall take precedence.. If goal difference is equal then the Club scoring the most goals shall take precedence. In the event of goal scored being equal then head to head scores shall take preference.
(e) If applicable, at the end of the Season the 2 bottom placed teams of the League(s) will be relegated into the League directly below them.
(f) If applicable, at the end of the Season the 2 top placed teams of the League(s) will be promoted into the League directly above them.

6. Duration of Matches

All matches shall last 20-45 minutes with no rest period in-between.

7. Substitutes

A maximum of five substitutes shall be permitted at any time during the game in accordance with the Laws of the Soccer7s League.

8. Reporting of Results and Statistics

(a) The Referee shall be responsible for reporting the result, any disciplinary action and man of the matches to the Management Committee at the conclusion of the night.
(b) Captains are also responsible for reporting the names of players scoring at the end of each game.

9. Lateness and failure to show

(a) Any team that does not start a match at the scheduled time (as judged by the timekeeper) due to lateness will have 1 goal awarded against them for every 5 minutes late. i.e. 10 minutes late will mean they start the game 2-0 down.
(b) In the event of a team failing to show up the opposition will be awarded a 4-0 win. The team failing to show will receive a 0-4 defeat.
(c) Any team failing to show will not be able to win the league.
(d) Any team failing to show will be required to pay their match fees & their opposition’s match fees.
(e) Any team failing to give 72 hours notice of being unable to play on a given match night will be deemed to have failed to show.
(f) Teams must play on the scheduled time, date and pitch as stated by the fixtures posted online at the beginning of each season.
(g) Any match rescheduling is at The Management Committee's discretion and only if changes are possible.

10. Referees

(a) The Management Committee shall appoint referees.
(b) In the Final mementos may be provided in lieu of a fee at the discretion of the Management Committee.

11. Protests and complaints

All questions of eligibility, qualification of players or interpretation of rules shall be referred to the Management Committee. The Committee shall entertain no objections relative to the dimensions of the playing area unless a protest is lodged with the Referee before the start of the game.

12. Match Abandonment

(a) In the case of match abandonment due to foul play or ill discipline the result will be at the discretion of the Management Committee.
(b) In the case of match abandonment due to injury or bad weather the game will only be replayed if less than ¾ of the game has been played. If ¾ has been played the score at the time of abandonment will be the result. This is only applicable is there is available time within the given season to play such a replay.

13. Appeals

Any appeal against a decision of the Management Committee must be made in duplicate to the sanctioning Association within fourteen (14) days of the posting of the decision of the Management Committee and accompanied by an appeal fee of £10.

14. Misconduct

(a) Straight Sending Offs shall be reported to and dealt with by the Cheshire Football Association.
(b) Persistent misconduct will not be tolerated and the Management Committee reserve the right to ban any teams or players from the League if they deem it necessary.
(c) Any players sent off during a League match will automatically miss 2 matches. Any player booked will automatically miss 1 match.

15. Liability

(a) Players participate at own risk. The Management committee are not liable for any injury incurred on School property or on the field of play.
(b) Any item(s) brought onto venue property is at the Club’s/ Individual’s own risk.
(c) Any damages made to Venue or League property will be the responsibility of the person(s) who damaged it.
(d) Clubs must take out public liability insurance and personal accident insurance.
(e) By participating, all players are stating they have read, understood and agree with the Rules, Terms & Conditions of the Soccer7s Leagues.

16. Club Names

No Clubs must enter this competition in the name of an affiliated Club without the full knowledge and Authority of that Club.

17. Withdrawal of a club

(a) Any team that does not comply with registration duties by the specified deadline will be deemed to have left the League and will have their place replaced by another Club.
(b) A Club shall not be allowed to withdraw any or all of its team from the League once they have registered each year for that season. Any club infringing this Rule will automatically lose all fees paid to the League and be liable for all their remaining match fees.

18. Trophies and Prizes

(a) The following trophies and prizes will be awarded in all leagues:
(i) Winners Trophy and winners medals
(ii) Player of the season prize
(iii) Golden boot
(b) Trophies or prizes cannot be substituted for cash.
(c) Any decision made by the Management Committee concerning individual prizes is final and binding.
(d) Teams or players may have their names or pictures used for coverage and advertising purposes by the Management Committee.
(e) League Winners will be presented with a Winners Trophy. The Soccer7s Winner’s Trophy is deemed to be owned by the Soccer7s, and must be returned in the same condition as it was presented. Any damage or loss and cleaning is the responsibility of that Team and all cost to repair or replace or clean will be met by the club. Awards to players or officials may be withheld if they are not there to receive them on the appointed date. All Trophies must be returned to the League Secretary the month prior to the start of the subsequent Season.
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